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In Manitoba, June is Turkey Month!

Normally, June marks the beginning of summer and the end of the school year. While our summers look much different this year due to COVID-19, one thing that has not changed is Turkey Month in our beautiful province! Manitoba’s Agriculture Minister, Blaine Pedersen, has declared June as Turkey Month in Manitoba and that gives us Manitobans’ lots to celebrate!

About June is Turkey Month

June has been declared turkey month in Manitoba since 1994 and the turkey producers benefit by the increased awareness and encouraging of the consumption of their turkey throughout the summer months. Manitoba Turkey Producers is excited to share many delicious recipes, nutritional facts, and other resources with Manitobans. This month we’re excited to promote turkey through several different media platforms; including, but not limited to, local radio stations, community papers, television, and a contest on our social media page!

The Manitoba Turkey Industry

Manitoba Turkey Producers represents 55 farms families across the province. Our farmers produce more than 7,000 turkeys three times a year, or 1.3 million birds for the Manitoba market. This contribution comprises approximately 6% of the turkey market in Canada. The turkey industry in Manitoba depends on consistent and increased consumption of local turkey; which means now is the time to support our farmers by enjoying locally-sourced turkey.

Buying Manitoba Turkey

Turkey is the main dish on many family’s tables during Thanksgiving and over the holidays, but turkey can be found in retail stores across Manitoba, all year long! In addition to whole turkeys, individual parts and cuts of turkey such as breast, thigh, drumsticks, and ground turkey are readily available in store. Ground turkey can be substituted in any recipe using ground meats and turkey parts can be used in any of your favorite recipes – or in something new!

Now you may be asking yourself, ‘how do I know if I’m buying locally-grown Manitoba turkey?’ A great tip to keep in mind while shopping in your local store is that all 55 of our Manitoban producers sell to Exceldor (Granny’s). Exceldor is the only turkey processor in Manitoba and you can learn more about their products here!

Enjoy Local Turkey

It is important that Manitoban’s are choosing locally produced turkey for several reasons. It shows your support to our local farmers, stimulates the turkey industry in our province, and shows us that you love enjoying Manitoba turkey! Turkey is a nutritional powerhouse with an excellent source of high-quality protein which makes it the perfect reason to use more locally-grown turkey in your kitchen!

Enjoy locally produced turkey to show your support to our local farmers! Find the Brined Lemon & Thyme Turkey Breast Recipe here!