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How to Keep Up Thanksgiving Traditions This Year

By: Shannon Crocker, MSc RD PHEc


Thanksgiving celebrations are poised to look different this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t still make the most of them. I’ve promised my bubble buddies that we’ll still cook a traditional roast turkey dinner. Even though our bubble is pretty small – one grown man (my husband), two voracious teens, my mom and me – with a few menu tweaks, it will still be a tasty one.

To help you keep treasured traditions, or start a new tradition, here are four different ways you can enjoy a turkey dinner this Thanksgiving.


The Whole Turkey Dinner

With smaller gatherings, there’s a big silver lining with a whole turkey: more leftovers for homemade turkey soup, sandwiches and nourish bowls!

And, since no one is rushing to get to the table at any particular time, you can slow down and make the creating of the meal a joyful part of the day.

Try this delectable Miso Orange Glazed Turkey. You’ll definitely do a happy dance when you open up the fridge to these leftovers!


Pairs perfectly with: roasted sweet potatoes and sautéed green beans with toasted almonds

Turn leftovers into nourishing mason jar salads: Turkey Salad Jars

The Turkey Breast Dinner

For those who love white meat, roasted turkey breast is an ideal Thanksgiving menu option. There are so many tasty and versatile recipes on the Canadian Turkey site, I can’t choose just one!

Here are two turkey breast recipes I’m planning to try this fall – which one tickles your tastebuds?

Tasty tip: when roasting a turkey breast, keep the skin on to lock in the juicy deliciousness and take it off before eating to keep your turkey a lean choice.


The Turkey Thigh Dinner

The dark meat lovers in your life will rejoice with this Thanksgiving feast featuring turkey thighs. And, you’ll appreciate the extra time you get to relax with this “set it and forget it” sheet pan supper.

Just pop this Sheet Pan Citrus Turkey with Root Veggies and Chickpeas in the oven and then sit back while your turkey and sides cook together on one pan.

Nutritious note: dark meat is even richer than white meat in the immune-system friendly nutrients iron, zinc and selenium.


The Half Turkey Dinner

If you’re down to just a couple of folks this year, but still want a roast turkey experience, a half turkey is for you. Buy one whole fresh turkey at the grocery store and get the butcher to cut it into two halves. Freeze one half for another meal, maybe in November when we can all use a tasty pick-me-up!

While a half turkey is amazingly delicious roasted, if Thanksgiving falls on a warm Autumn day, I can imagine sitting on the patio, taking in the sunshine, while this half turkey cooks on the grill: Sweet and Spicy Barbecued Half Turkey


Go full-on barbecue with these sides: baked beans and a crunchy cabbage slaw.

With leftovers, make this for lunch: Easy Turkey Frittata


Wishing you and yours a delicious, nutritious Thanksgiving,